Soak up pure refreshment with a next level gin seltzer.

Sunny Eddy was born on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where we live for endless sunny days and balmy nights. All you need is sand at your feet and good vibes all round.

So we set out to create a drink that captured that relaxed, happy vibe that summer delivers. A drink that not only tasted great but is a little better for you too. It’s that simple.

After spending years perfecting our range, we’re loving what we’ve come up with. A sensational range of seltzers with triple-distilled Aussie gin, sparkling water and just a hint of real fruit flavour. Made just right so that good days can roll into great nights.

Made for carefree days under golden rays.
No sugar, no gluten, no worries.

A gin seltzer that doesn’t compromise on flavour.

Flavour and refreshment should always go hand-in-hand.

If you’re looking for a spirited Seltzer that brings real flavour back to the esky without any nasties, then this little crisp trio hits the spot perfectly.

A next level quencher with no sugar and all sunshine.

When the vibe is right and the sun is smiling down at you, you just want to keep the party rolling.

Made refreshing with sparkling water, Sunny Eddy is your brand new mate that serves up subtle fruit flavours with a splash of gin without the next day blues.

Yep, you heard it right – no sugar, no carbs and not an artificial additive in sight.

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Here's what our fans are saying

“Definitely the most refreshing seltzer I’ve ever tried!”


“The Lime and Cucumber is so moreish. I love it. Five stars.”


“Sunny Eddy is my new go-to drink. I love that it’s gin and the flavours are amazing.”